Dear Friends,

Keeping in view your general queries, we have designed an FAQ for you. Please click the link: http://cashiksha.com/faq.php
Please give your comments if any more questions to be added in it.

For GS Shiksha

Gaurav & Shivani

32 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Gayathri

    Hi Abhay, IPCC course is not yet started in CA Shiksha.As of now, online coaching only for CPY us started.

  2. cashiksha Post author

    Correct Gayathri,

    By 1st of Feb, you will see some IPCC lectures although full course will take time… so gud news… not much wait now…

    GS Shiksha

  3. Abhisek

    Will there be any lecture available for the PCC students? If yes, then by what time is the PCC lectures expected to be available online

  4. Ravi

    Hi….frnds, pls help me .
    i am not purshing my account activate for CPT online learning..pls hel me..

  5. Ravi

    Thanks to MR. Sangwani wit All of ICAI PARIWAR..
    realty it is a very nice…and good news for all CPT student with me…i am very happy.

  6. Arun

    there was an announcement saying the site will be full fledged by feb 1st
    The site is not yet complete(even for the cpt course alone)
    many quick rev notes, quiz are incomplete

  7. zahida

    Dear sir,
    Please tell me what time ipcc lecture started why ipcc full cource not avilable in ca shiksha

  8. kamal

    when will be the full ipcc course come at cashiksha, they said it will available by 31st may.. but its not yet have been arrived.

  9. mizbah

    only one question..pleaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee tell us by when will the course be started…?

  10. Aasha

    When would the site be loaded foe pcc.my exams are due in november 2010.will it be helpful?

  11. anzarali

    dear sir/madam
    this is anzar ali doing IPCC.and your note is sufficiant for us.but here i am stay delhi in kutub vihar there is no one cafe to surve internet.
    and i can not go to daily basis upto 13 k.m for taking online class.
    therefore please help that how can i download your all classes……..
    please …………

  12. Ashish Verma

    I am only able to get access to ESOP of Advanced Accounting(Group-2)& Time Value of Money of Financial Management(Gropu-1).How can i get access to the rest of the IPCC both group’s chapter’s???

  13. Junu

    i went through 2 lectures of final course and found them very helpful, thanks.
    But i cant find any mock test and also no other lecture is available. please help

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